Heart of Steel

Help bring The Steel Man to Life!

We are incredibly excited about unveiling the Heart of Steel sculpture to the public and we’ll let you know where you can see it very, very, soon!  In the meantime we invite you to support The Steel Man by donating to the Heart of Steel appeal: For a donation of £20 per named individual, you, OR someone you know, can be inscribed on the roll call on the Heart of Steel. You can also receive a certificate if you request one by emailing Please allow 28 days at busy times. The British Heart Foundation will receive 10% of all Heart of Steel donations to power life-saving heart research.

Please see commonly asked questions in the FAQS list below to help you make your donation.


  • Q: Can I have ‘John & Jane Smith’ for £20?
    A: No, this will be two separate donations but we can keep them together on the Heart.
  • Q: Can I add middle names or ‘nick-names’?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Can I include dates, such as birth, death, marriage?
    A: No
  • Q: Can I add other personal details about the named individual?
    A: No, there isn’t room on the Heart of Steel to do this but you can add an anecdote to the Heart of Steel page on our website by writing to;
  • Q: Can I add family names, such as ‘The Smith Family’?
    A: No, this would require a donation for each person named but they can be engraved together on the Heart of Steel.
  • Q: How many people can I add to the Heart of Steel?
    A: Each person included on the Heart of Steel would require a £20 donation. There is no limit to the number of donations you can make.
  • Q: will I receive anything to show my support?
    A:  You can receive a certificate by emailing

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate

I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for the tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that Yorkshire Icon Ltd will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify.

What people say

I have donated to this project on behalf of Anthony Button, a native of Deepcar near Sheffield, who died on 26th September 1915 at Loos aged 22. He lost his life, working as a stretcher bearer, after only 4 days in the trenches.

Jacky Bower (Huddersfield)

I have contributed to the heart of steel for my fabulous father Stuart Sorsby who dedicated his working life to the steel industry.

My dad started out working for Samual Osborns  in 1962. Six years later he started working for Dunford Elliots, 1968, which was situated at Wadsley Bridge, Hillsborough. He continued working with them through several changes, such as the company change over to Hadfields. And then the companys relocation to East Hecla, Tinsley. Which is where Meadowhall now proudly stands. Hadfields then ceased trade shortly after the steel strike. After a couple of years trying other jobs like painting and decorating, he soon returned to the steel industry working for Bedford Steels, 1988, where he stayed for the rest of his working career, even staying on 2 years after retirement date leaving at age 67, 2014. This gift seemed so fitting for you dad, an ever lasting reminder of all your hard work!  A man of steel in more than one sense! I love you all the world! Happy fathers day! love from Chloe xxxxxx 

Chloe Sorsby (Sheffield)

We have made this donation as a Father’s Day gift in honour of our amazing dad, Christopher Peart – our very own Man of Steel!! Dad started work as a trainee plater/welder on 7th July 1980 and has continued to work in the steel industry to this day!

Amy Buture (Sheffield)

I have just donated in memory of my beautiful daughter Lauren Jade Walker, she fell asleep on 15th October 2013 aged 13, and we miss her so much.  Thank you for this lovely opportunity to be able to have her name on the Yorkshire Man of Steel, what a great idea.

Theresa (Sheffield)

Congratulations on your commendable “Heart of Steel” project.

My wife, Elsie née Roberts first worked at Beetson Clarke Ltd, glass makers and after at Gummers Ltd, brass founders and also at the Refined Stainless Steel Co.

I served a wartime engineering apprenticeship at the Parkgate Iron & Steel Co Ltd.

Douglas Hurd (Mid Wales ex Greasbrough)

I would like to purchase a heart in the name of Jayne Margaret Hatton.  Jayne was the beautiful only daughter of my very special friends Tony and Margaret Simmons.  Sadly Jayne passed away in December 2015 after battling long and hard with a cancerous brain tumour.  All through her illness she remained cheerful, strong and very, very brave.  I can think of no better memorial to Jayne, from me to her parents, than a heart in the Man of Steel.  They absolutely adored Jayne, and I know they will never recover from her untimely death at the age of just 51.  Now they know that Jayne will be forever held in the heart of the Man of Steel.

Joyce Joyce (Rotherham)

Our Donation is in memory of my amazing little brother/uncle and best friend Jules who was taken suddenly 25/8/13 aged 41 with a cardiac embolism. The BHF will do amazing work to help people and families – such a wonderful project you are doing x

Rachel Smart (Wakefield)

My donation is for My father in law Chris Burt from Huddersfield, he had a heart attack this year and spent several weeks in LGI after having a triple bypass, the level of care he received was just truly amazing both in intensive care and on the wards, he never once complained and the transformation in him is a joy to see, I just want him to know all his family love him dearly and this heart of steel donation is our way of thanking everyone involved in this journey to get him well.

Joanne Burt (Wakefield)

I have donated £20 to have my dad’s name engraved on the Heart of Steel. Such a fitting tribute to a wonderful man who worked as a miner for 35 years at Maltby and Silverwood Collieries. Known to his workmates as ‘Red Arf’. He passed away so suddenly in 2010 from a heart attack and I miss him every day. I will be so proud to be able to look at this amazing sculpture and know his name is part of it. Thank you.

Elise Squires (Rotherham)

Following a heart attack in 2014 at age 43, I want to say thank you for all the BHF does for sufferers and their family’s and for my family to have somewhere to visit when I am gone that reminds them of me and the invaluable work the BHF do every day

Gordon Riley (Derbyshire)

In memory of my husband Philip of 51 years who passed away suddenly in July 2015. I will miss him forever, as will his sons and grandchildren and family. All my love, Pauline

Pauline Wade (Rotherham)

To say thank you to a wonderful husband and father, Jonathan D.T.Ward, a Sheffield native, who has more strength and courage than he knows and who is loved beyond words

Sarah ward (Northampton)

Forever in our hearts xx

Anne Wesson (Rotherham)

On behalf of my Mum, my Sister and myself, I have just donated to the Heart of Steel project in order to have my Dad’s name – Derek Brooke Bray – engraved on the heart. We think it is a wonderful idea. Dad worked at Steel Peech and Tozer and ending as Managing Director BSC Special Steels Division. He loved his work, his city and his city’s heritage and it seemed very fitting to us to have a steel man’s name engraved on a Man of Steel’s heart.

Di Bray (Oxfordshire)

I’ve just donated £20 in memory and in honour of my late father-in-law Brian McGann. There are so many reasons to get involved. Not only was Brian a Rotherham man through and through, he also worked in the steel industry and he died of a heart attack much too early and before he had chance to see his grandchildren grow up. This is a very special project which is already helping restore much needed pride to Rotherham. We should be proud of our heritage, proud of our town and proud of who we are. We have a heart of steel!

Paul Critchlow (Rotherham)

Born in Sheffield and stainless steel runs through our veins! We are so pleased to be part of this magnificent tribute to the region.

Rachel Crehan (Rotherham)

My Father’s Day present from my 3 offspring, was to have my name added to the Heart of Steel! I found this very moving and appropriate as I started work at Steel Peech & Tozer in 1956, but spent most of my 42 years in steel, ( including Stainless) working at Swinden Laboratories, as a Development Engineer.

Ken Shemwell (Rotherham)

One of the original S P & T buildings, now MAGNA, will be visible from the site of the Man of Steel. What a fantastic idea; Thank you for this great opportunity to put my father’s name, Raymond Beedle, on the heart of steel. He worked for many years at Brown Baileys as a furnace bricklayer. I started my own working life in the steelworks. This is a great tribute to the grafters, men and women of Yorkshire, and anyone who loves Yorkshire.

Grant Beedle (Birmingham)

I have just contributed to the heart of steel with a memory to my Dad. He was the last of his kind, as a swing and hammer steel forger at Globe Works in Sheffield. He loved his city and this is the perfect tribute to him. Thank You for this opportunity.

Lisa Froggatt (Mansfield Notts)

We are pleased to add my dad, BRUCE DARGIE, on the Heart of Steel. My dad was a crane driver at Steelo’s for many years. We are looking forward to seeing the project complete so we, Me , Mum, my brother and the grandchildren he never met, can drive past and smile and wave at the Man of Steel with a huge heart. (Which is a great description of my dad).

Marilyn Dargie (Rotherham)

I have donated to this wonderful project on behalf of my late partner, GEOFFREY WILLIAM BOLDOCK, and his father, WILLIAM HENRY BOLDOCK. Geoff started as an apprentice electrician at Edgar Allen Foundry in 1964 until it closed to make way for Meadowhall. He then ran his own business. He was known as “Billy Tap Two” on account of him ‘tapping’ two furnaces at the same time! Both dearly loved and missed – and both Men of Steel!

Janice C White (Rotherham)

My dad worked all his life in the declining steel industry of Sheffield and was made redundant 6 times. It may have broken his skin, but never his soul, and this is truly a fitting icon for all those like him. I look forward to seeing it come to life.

John Sorsby (Sheffield)

Ralph Bennett was my husband’s grandfather and worked at Steel Peach and Tozer from the age of 14 until he retired at the age of 67 in 1972. To have his name included on the heart of the man of steel would be a fitting tribute to a very special man.

Michelle Marshall (Rotherham)

My husband and I have lived in Sheffield for a long time. We love South Yorkshire and love working as family doctors in Barnsley and Sheffield. Good luck with the project. Our donation is our Valentine’s Day present to each other.

Caroline and Ivan Mitchell (Sheffield)

I couldn’t miss this great opportunity to mark the contribution my parents made to this area: My Mum, Joyce White worked in steel and cutlery, my Dad, Horace White, was a welder at Hadfields – now the site of Meadowhall. Thanks for the chance to do this.

Graham White (Handsworth Sheffield)

Vincent Dakin, my grandfather, made the cabinets in the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield, which house the Master Cutler’s silver.

Wendy Dakin (Rotherham)

Darren Leigh Silverwood; Born in Sheffield worked in Sheffield, loved life and the people of Sheffield died aged 30: Jeya Leigh Burnham; this ‘little Sheffield star’ was born on the 29th of November 2010 and passed away on the 17th February 2011. She fought so hard.

Rochelle Silverwood-Rowbotham (Sheffield)

I think to have someone’s name engraved on the heart is a fitting tribute to anyone who loves Sheffield  and Rotherham especially if they worked in the Steel Industry. My husband was so proud to work for Swindon research labs and I feel his name on the Yorkshire  Man of Steel would be more suitable for him than a memorial in a cemetery.

Hilary Stewart (Rotherham)

I’ve just added my dad’s name to the heart of Steel. He was a shunter at Templebrough for many years as I think it will be a perfect memorial , for a great man,  to be part of this. Thank you for letting the people who are local and worked in steel be involved.

Samantha Cufling (Rotherham)

I’ve just made a donation for my late father ERIC ANTHONY LACK who was a loving father and husband, he was taken from us at a young age after a very short and unexpected illness.  He left so much behind; he never saw me and my sister grow up and missed out on seeing his grandchildren.  We want a heart to be placed in the man of steel because he was a funny and genuine man who was loved by everybody who was fortunate enough to have known him.   The towers could be seen from where he lived and grew up as a small boy into a teenager, a family member still lives in the very same house so we would find it quite fitting for a heart to be placed there.

Joanne, Tish & Mum Joyce (Rotherham)

I wish to have my late father’s name to the heart of steel. He passed away 5 years ago at Christmas. He worked at Alloy steel rods in Sheffield as a foreman. This would mean so much to me to do this he was a very proud man.

Amanda Smith (Sheffield)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to put our names on the man of steel’s heart. My wife and I met when we both  worked at Sanderson Kayser Ltd. Sadly she passed away at the beginning of June. I worked in the steelworks environment from leaving school for 33 years.

Bob Humphries (Rotherham)

I think this is a great way to celebrate Sheffield/Yorkshire’s heritage, and to engage people in public art. I’ve donated to support the project and as a gift to my wonderful ‘other half’, who spent many happy years living in Sheffield (despite his Lancastrian roots) and with whom I hope to move to the area soon. Having Mark’s name engraved on the heart of steel gives me a great way to celebrate his past connections with the city, celebrate our two wonderful years together so far, and put a marker down for our shared future links with the area. Thank you for this opportunity.

Imogen Fuller (Sheffield)

My cousin told me about this fantastic way of helping with the Man of Steel project, while also having the name of loved ones preserved forever within the man himself. I have donated one heart for my wonderful dad Norman Joyce, who sadly left us in April 2010, but who is always in my heart. I have donated another to my wonderful friend Hilary Anne Bell, who after battling for 6 and a half years, finally lost her life to cancer on 17th September 2014. She was truly a wonderful person, and had resilience of steel, so thought this was fitting way to remember her forever.

What a wonderful project, I can’t wait to see him up there, bold and proud. Living in Brinsworth, I have so missed the towers welcoming me home when I have been away, so now we will have this wonderful sculpture to let us know we are almost home.

Sallie Joyce (Rotherham)

I wish you every success with the project and look forward to receiving my certificates.

Ingrid Brooke (Doncaster)

I’ve just sent a donation of £20 and my dad’s name. Thank you ever so much for this opportunity to be part of this special piece of art! We lost my dad in a very sensitive way and he worked at Sheffield Forgemasters that would be so fitting for his love of steel and the love we will always have for dad. Many thanks.

Joanne Trout (Rotherham)

I’ve completed a donation as a wedding present for my future husband. We get married on the 18th October this year, he is a very proud Yorkshire guy and I know he will love the gift. What better way to celebrate than an inscription of our memorable day in a sculptures heart which sits overlooking the city we both were born and raised in.

Joy Turner (Sheffield)

I read in the local paper a while ago that consideration was being given to allowing members of the public to have something engraved on the statue. My husband is very proud of being from Sheffield and I know he would love to have his name engraved on the statue. I think it is a fantastic idea and have enjoyed seeing the smaller man of steel in Sheffield train station recently – I think it is a great way of making people aware of it.

Sarah Newill (Sheffield)

I am a Whiston (near Rotherham) resident whose late husband was a Sheffield steel worker and as such it would seem very appropriate to have his immediate family engraved on the statue; I would like three names…

Margaret Higgins (Rotherham)

I’d like the following three names added please: Blanche Oates – Worked as a ‘Buffer Girl’ for several years, before working various part-time jobs (whilst raising four children, none of whom subsequently worked in the Steel Industry); Albert Oates – Worked as a Glazier (roof repairs) for several companies, his last job was working 28 years for ‘Osborne-Hatfields’; the site of which is now occupied by Meadowhall; Edith Sadler – Worked in ‘munitions’ during the Second World War, before working part-time in catering, whilst raising seven children (only two of which worked in the Steel industry). Good luck, can’t wait to see the finished sculpture, it should look amazing, even more iconic than the twin towers! It will be great to have a ‘welcome’ again when I return home…

Robert Sadler (Hong Kong)

I heard about putting names on the heart of ‘Man Of Steel’, I would like to be able to put my son’s name on there. He was killed at the Rolls Royce factory in Nuneaton. Both he and his father were in the steel industry, his father still is. We lost Paul back in 1998 when he was 20 and we feel this would be a tribute in his honour to have his name engraved on this icon.

Bridget Doolan (Sheffield)

We have sent a donation of £20 in memory of our late Grandson Ethan who died on the 18th of Sept 2014 aged 6 days from a untreatable heart condition. He will never be forgotten.

Mick and Maureen Muffett (Rotherham)

I think it’s a wonderful project and I’m planning to add other family names as part of their Christmas presents. Hopefully this project will help build a more positive image of Rotherham with recent events here.

John Haycox (Rotherham)

I am wanting to make a donation on behalf of my late husband Trevor Seymour who passed away on 25th November 2012 aged 61. ( Bladder cancer). He worked for Sheffield Works Department for 36 years and  was a supporter of Sheffield Wednesday as a season ticket holder.  A much loved husband and devoted father.  A very popular man who everyone called “ a perfect gentleman”. I would be honoured and delighted if his name could be included in the heart of the Yorkshire man of steel because that was Trevor to a tee. ‘A ‘Yorkshire man of steel’ of steel because he was such a hero.

Anne Seymour (Rotherham)

William Needham – my grandad died in the steelworks of Sheffield at such a young age.  A legend of a bloke and still remembered dearly today. In having his name on the heart, he will always be connected to the city and the industry.

Jonathan Smith (Barnsley)

Dedicated to our loving mum and dad, Joan and Alwyne Ridgeway. Steel had always played a major role in our lives as dad has spent his working life within the steel industry, starting as a young man at “Steel Peech and Tozers ” otherwise known as “Steelos”. He started working  in the temple borough works during his time seeing many changes and hardships including the steel strikes of the 1980s. He  finally retired after 48 years finishing in the Brinsworth strip mill as a deseamer.

Pamela Ellis (Rotherham)

My donation is dedicated to my late grandad, Bob Unwin, who worked at Arthur Lees all his life as a cold steel strip roller, his certificate will be presented to his wife (my nan) on her 90th birthday, What a fitting tribute.

Emma Smith (Sheffield)

I have contributed towards the Man of Steel sculpture in hope that it can be made and become a landmark for the area because I was born and bred in Rotherham and very proud to have been so. The area is famous for its steel making and the Man of Steel would be an amazing landmark for Rotherham and Sheffield. My wife’s name, Stasia Jackson, will go on the Heart of Steel because she won my heart from the moment I met her in 1977 and we have been happily married for 32 years. She is also undoubtedly the heart of our family being a wonderful wife to me and a wonderful mother to our son Matthew and our daughter Katie. I can see the Man of Steel becoming a tourist attraction similar to the Angel of the North and helping our towns’ economy with more people being encouraged to visit our area.

Martin Jackson (Rotherham)

We have donated in memory of Jennifer Seaman who lost her battle to cancer in 2010. She was an amazing wife, mum, nanny, sister and auntie and is forever in our thoughts. It is with great comfort that her memory will live on in the Man of Steel.

Helen and Brian Seaman (Rotherham)

I donated in memory of my late husband, John Castle Morley, who was born and brought up in Sheffield, went to the Grammar School and was a lifelong supporter of Sheffield Wednesday FC. 

Rita Morley (Sheffield)

I wished to add my father Ernest John Vincent Goddard’s name to the Heart of Steel in his memory. He started his working life at Shardlows & finished it at Davy McKee. He was a popular well respected man in steel industry.

Vernell Baggley (Rotherham)

I have donated today to have the name Bernard Carroll inscribed on the heart of steel. This was the name of my Grandad who spent his whole working life down the pit (predominantly Dinnington) except for his time in WWII when he joined the York and Lancs and was sent to Gibraltar to dig tunnels. He died in 1987 from coal miners pneumoconiosis. He was to me, a giant of a man and he apired that his children would not have to do what he did. 

This is also the name of my father who spent the best part of his working life in the Steel Industry in Rotherham. He retired from his job as Transport Manager in 2001.

I have also donated due to a proportion being given to the British Heart Foundation, a cause close to my heart as my own mother died of heart failure in 2007. This is for all of them and the rest of my family who through the ages toiled to make South Yorkshire’s industry great.

Debbie Williams (Maltby)

I have donated to the Heart Of Steel project to the sad memory of a truly inspirational nephew “Connor Fieldsend” who bravely lost his battle against the very rare Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome on 16th July 2016 at the early age of just 20 years. We will all be proud to have our “Man of Mexborough” within the “Man of Steel”. All our Love Connor and rest in peace. Uncle Pete.

Peter Higgins (Mexborough)

I have donated in memory of Eunice Loxley, my beloved sister, and wife of Keith Loxley. Eunice was a teacher at Aston Comprehensive School for many years and was a wonderful teacher, loved by staff and pupils alike. We lost her in January 2016 aged 64 and I’m so pleased to be able to add her name to this fantastic project.

Wendy Whittington

I have purchased my heart of steel for my late Father-in-Law Jack Pepperdine. He worked at Osborne/Hatfield steelworks where Meadowhall now stands. I am glad he will be a piece of a heart to overlook where he worked so hard. His son John went to work in the steelworks too on Shepcote Lane. As a family we cannot wait to see the Man of Steel to share memories with our children and grandchildren.

Bev Pepperdine (Rotherham)

My sister had my dad ( John David Keir) added to the heart of steel for a Father’s Day gift a couple of years ago (he was an electrician at Kinsley Drift Mine). Sadly, he passed away on 14th August this year following a courageous battle with terminal cancer. I have added our brother, David Kristian Keir, and my partner, Michael Graham Taylor, because they have both been part of Sheffield Steel.

Rachelle Keir

I have donated to add my own name,  Janet Bucknall, as a thank you to the brilliant doctors etc at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull.  They performed my quadruple heart bypass just over a year ago and I want to celebrate my life and give thanks for their expertise and care.  The British Heart Foundation also do a fantastic job supporting all aspects of heart health, promoting information and funding research.

Janet Bucknall (Hull)

Have just donated in memory of a wonderful Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad, Frederick Allen. He will always walk beside us. Passed away March 7th 2014 aged 92. He often related his story of his first day in the steel works age 14 wearing his short trousers and burning his knees on the furnaces. Also donated for Mum, Nan and Great Nan, Frances Allen. Frances is still going strong aged 93. Frances was a woman of steel working for Steads until her marriage to Fred. I also added further donations for Nigel Marples, my man of steel, still working at Brinsworth Strip Mills and his late father, Albert Marples, who spent his working life in the steel industry. All Sheffield born and proud to be Yorkshire. Let their hearts beat on within the Yorkshire Man of Steel.

Patricia Stockdale (Sheffield)

We have donated to the Steel Man project on behalf of Jim Boulby, a much loved dad and grandad who would have been 90 years old on September 3rd 2017 and who worked in the Sheffield steelworks all his working life.
Loved and missed by Linda, Mike, Karen, Debbie and Nicola, High Green Sheffield.

Michael Boskovic (Sheffield)

This is for my great uncle Allen Steel, born in Hoyland and killed in action 29th July 1918 aged 19 in Flanders. He has no known grave.

Maureen Mannion (Matlock)

My donation to the Heart of Steel is a gift for my mum in memory of her parents and my grandparents Jack and May Ainscough of Rotherham. Jack worked at Parkgate Iron and Steel then at Steel, Peech and Tozer. May was a loving wife, mother and grandmother who had a big heart so having their name engraved on the Heart of Steel seems very appropriate.

Kerrie Beddows (for Ann Bates)

Donated for my wonderful husband, Jason Manley, who stole my heart in Sheffield in 1994 and keeps it safe and warm for me. Love you to bits.

Sheena Mackensie